Quintessentially Delightful: Oh hail Afternoon Tea. Drink Tea and let it be

It was once said, “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea” and this, very profound statement, gave rise to my weekly indulgence and addiction to Afternoon Tea, a great British tradition.

So there I was, typical Nairobi scenario- my meeting ends at 4 pm. To sit in traffic or not. Traffic? Pass. Option B- Look for a spot to unwind or maybe people watch (haha), as the early evening beckons. Wise thought. So, I head over to The Lord Erroll Gourmet Restaurant, Runda which is around the corner, for what I initially thought would be for a glass of wine and that’s it.

I get to the Restaurant and a jovial hostess ushers me to my table. I get ready for my usual only this time, one of the gracious waitress suggests a lil’ something different- Afternoon Tea. I am like OK, why not, right? You see, the birth of Afternoon Tea, dates back to the 1800s with credit given to Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, who, because of the long stretch of time between lunch and the evening meal, suffered from afternoon “hunger spells hence needed a light meal in between.

Lo and behold, the impeccable delightful three-tier curate stand that was laid before my eyes was heavenly. The presentation could only be best summed up as a photographer’s paradise. Everything was beautifully laid out and just begging to be tasted. My masala tea was brewed with just the right amount of aromatic Indian spices, herbs and ginger.

If you are a big fan of sandwiches, then you will be delighted at the wide selection they have. I wasn’t too keen on trying all of them out at once. I had 3. The cherie on the top though, was the scones accompanied with clotted cream and jam. The scones delighted in their absolute freshness. And you do not need a knife to break the scones. The secret is to use your hands to break them apart. Last but not least, were the sweet confectioneries, just the right small amount not to overwhelm you, with a fine finishing.

Very important aspects I picked; everything is baked freshly every day. Also they do have gluten free bread in the menu.

So whether it’s a light social meeting, or just for self-indulgence, my friends, Afternoon Tea soothes the soul.

Location; Lord Erroll Gourmet Restaurant, Nairobi; the premier French and gourmet restaurant in East Africa.

Photography; @kuyohphotography

Mood (song); Disclosure- Latch Ft Sam Smith


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