Dashing and Dapper: YOU and ME together and forever

Look, Gentlemen, so gone were the days when no attention was given to the groom besides just saying the vows, right? You showed up looking OK simply because it was really not your day. Well, that was then and this now, is Formation. Bryan Rafanelli, the Boston-based event planner who coordinated Chelsea Clinton’s wedding once said “There’s so much focus on what the bride is going to wear. The grooms feel like, “this is great, but what about me?”

For this post, I want to showcase and recommend the white dinner jacket tuxedo which you can never go wrong with, on your big day as a groom. Originally designed so the affluent classes could dress formally in warmer climates, this outfit says you are a very well put together, competent, dashing, and a productive member of society. It gives you that fresh look that everyone takes notice of the minute you walk into that church. It is for the gentleman looking to make an impression.

Listen, as the groom, you are a fine piece of the Lord’s creation and the most important man of the day so what you wear and how you look, speaks volumes. Grooms have a role to play and they must look dapper on their wedding day. Trust you me, when you look good, you make the bride look good too.

Notice how the jacket takes centre stage and shines. The rest of your pieces then play a supportive role and not competing role hence the rest are black in color. Its subtle and just the appropriate amount of coordination. Ensure that your slim, paired trousers are tailored correctly and go with a white shirt, and a classic black bow tie. The fit, the cut, and size are all paramount. You know what they say, it’s in the finer details- the fit. Black socks and Black leather shoes are the final touch.

Let me assure you that when done correctly, you will give James Bond a run for his money any day any time. This right here, is your day to make a statement of elegance and audacity.

Let me know your thoughts if I made the cut to be a dapper groom.

Wearing; A Custom Made Jacquard Tuxedo; which consists of an Off White Crisp hybrid Made to Measure Dinner Jacket paired with a clean white dress shirt, black bespoke elegant bow tie, black straight trousers and black Temadou Italian Quality leather shoes (Model’s own wardrobe)

Location; Business Suite , Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi. Enjoy the ultimate family stay at Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi with a host of special touches just for you and your loved ones.

Photography; @kuyohphotography

Mood (song); Mary J Blige- A night to remember


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