Four words: Invest in your appearance. Keep yourself clean and presentable

For the longest time, a majority of men had often refused to up their game when it came to how their personal style was perceived. So many excuses were thrown around in regards to that; some almost valid while some, utterly ridiculous. To date though, to be fair, a good number have finally seen the importance of having to invest in this. Well you see in today’s world, whether we realize it or not, what we wear tends to send a signal to those around us about what we first think of ourselves and then what we think of others.

The minute you walk into a room, the first thing people will notice is your appearance and it’s almost a general rule of thumb, before you even utter a word. It’s a subconscious thing that you cannot control. Your look is an outward expression of who you are, what image you project and probably how you want to be addressed without having to speak. It’s a nonverbal communication signal and as much as will want to pretend and run away from it, first impressions matter my friends. It is what it is in society. If you look good and feel good about yourself, then your sense of style and machismo carries over to your every other aspect of your surroundings. It’s almost an outward announcement of who you are and what you present the minute you arrive.

Here’s an easy step to get you started – look at what’s in your wardrobe today. Does it project who you really are? Take a look at your old photographs. Then ask yourself what you want your style to be moving forward. Meanwhile give away what you don’t need/ clean out your closet. Take charge of your style- you can do it yourself or ask someone to help you with it. Having the right attire is an investment in itself if you spend wisely.

Please note, you don’t have to buy the most expensive clothes or follow the latest trends. Just get what works for your personal style and one that brings out the contours of your body. Whatever you choose, remember to add on one or two accessories – watches, cuff links, pocket squares.

And as someone once said, “Real Style is about having the right clothes that fit you, make you look alive and further compliment your body, coloring and personality.”

Wearing; A hybrid Made To Measure tan stripped suit consisting of Jacket and Pants, Hawes and Curtis white and blue stripes shirt, a diamond crusted Burgundy Cravat and Waist Coat, an Olivia Gordon London Watch, A white boutonniere, Kobicha Chestnut colored Steve Madden Double Monk Straps (Model’s own wardrobe).

Location; The Champagne Bar, Sankara Hotel, Nairobi. A contemporary five star hotel in Westlands blending five-star service with the authentic flavour of Africa.

Photography; @kuyohphotography

Mood (song); Madonna- Vogue


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