Serenity and Calmness: the joy of Maji Beach Boutique Hotel

One of the most important aspects of going on vacation is to rest, relax and have some peace of mind. A vacation is a time to disconnect from everyday city life and enjoy some serenity, quietness and stillness. That my friends is what I got when I spent some time at The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel in Diani.

From the minute I stepped into the hotel on arrival, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful, cutting edge architectural monolithic structure of white cement (words truly befitting this eye catching feature, as best described by the owners) all around coupled with wonderful African artifacts which I was made to understand the owners of this establishment had collected over the years from different places they had traveled to.

That led one to the spectacular swimming pool that began at the hotel lobby and went all round the entire place. Put it this way- as you wait to check into your room, you can literally quickly change into your swimming gear and swim from the hotel lobby and go all around the hotel and back to the lobby. Take up the challenge next time you are here. Don’t be shy- jump into the pool and do a lap of honor.

There were 15 bedrooms each designed differently, and with a meticulous touch and authenticity of finesse. Key to point out that the room rates vary from about US.D 160 to about US.D 220. To be honest, I think I had the best room, dubbed the Jacuzzi Suite. It had a built in private Jacuzzi on the balcony offering me a view of the Ocean and beyond. My friends, I felt like a star, ready to feature in a P-Diddy music video popping champagne one after another. I could tell I want the envy of some hotel guests as each morning and evening I would carry a drink with me, and jump into my waters as they stared from their hotel grounds.

Something I liked about the meal plan, was that you could have your meals at your own time and convenience tailor-made to your preference. There were no dining rules- you dine whatever time and wherever you wished to; from the dining room to the pool deck to the gardens to the balcony unlike various other places which restrict you to a particular time and place.

Right outside was the beautiful Diani trademark-white sand. June was low season so there was practically not too many people around the beach which really offered me some nice quiet time along the beach. It was so scenic- it got me thinking…I could be the next Alejandro Gustavo Caballero ready for my starring role in the next big Telenovela.

This place offered me the quietness of a vacation and me time, that I needed. Isn’t that what a vacation is all about? A worry free, stress free time and holiday all thanks to being a Safaricom Platinum customer.

Location; The Maji Boutique Beach Hotel, a multi-award winning boutique hotel located on the tropical shores of Diani Beach on the South Coast of Kenya.

Photography; @kuyohphotography

Mood (song); Mafikizolo – Ngeke Balunge


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