Be Gentle, Nice and Kind to yourself: you are doing the best you can

Life is a very interesting journey that can either make you or break you, and in most times, it will throw certain curves at you that will shake you to the core. Let’s put it this way- life can be tough/ rough, something many can attest to including myself, but it’s also not all gloom. Within your lifetime, there will be sunny days too- days that bring you joy and happiness i promise you.

One of my beliefs that I have embraced over the years is that as long as I am still breathing, I still have a purpose on earth no matter the mistakes I make or have made. Those mistakes have given me the backbone and foundation to feel confident in myself to want to give it another shot and go at it. The minute you embrace this, you will have a different approach to many things in life.

How do you expect to be gentle with others while you are not gentle with yourself? It starts with you and you have to own it and take the bull by its horns. Be gentle with your soul and give yourself credit where you deserve and hold on to that hope for all shall be well. This approach is one of the many things that makes me an interesting person- my perspective on life and embracing positive vibes despite the ups and downs of life.

For this fashion piece, I wanted to do something different. Over the years, tailored shorts have become one of my favorite pieces- all my friends can tell you this for sure. They are the easiest to wear with casual clean pieces like checked/ stripped shirts, or even plain shirts and blazers or sweaters depending on the weather. They are a bold yet an interesting choice of wear for persons not afraid to show some legs in the summer.

Some quick pointers to remember- If the shorts are plain in color, opt for a floral/ bold/ checked shirt to add on some spice to the look. Then tuck in your shirt to bring out the best features of your body. An ensemble like this is a perfect combination between classy and casual. Esquire magazine writes, “The three rules with shorts are that they must be tailored, not remotely creased, and cut a few inches above the knee”. I like bold approaches to fashion and tailored shorts, fits right into what makes my choices bold and my style interesting just like my bank, CBA -the bank for interesting people.

Each and every one of us is an awesome, spectacular, amazing, lovely, wonderful human being package, each with a purpose and something interesting to give to this earth. It’s a question of finding it and knowing how to highlight the traits that make you different from the person next to you. When you find it, run and explore it while being a gentle caretaker of yourself. You were born for greatness. I repeat, You were born for greatness. 

Wearing; First Look- A dashing candy apple red and white stripped grandiloquent Levi Gardin long sleeved shirt, and a  hybrid Made To Measure crisp white shorts. Second Look- An enchanting decorated bright floral Ricardo Ricoo slim fit shirt, and a Sao- sartorial hybrid Made To Measure yellow shorts. Both looks include an authentic colorful Kenyan Maasai beaded belt (hand made). Shoes by Steve Madden Men’s risky Bit Loafers from New York (All Model’s own wardrobe).

Location; Palacina, The Residences and Suites, Nairobi (Kitale Lane, Off Dennis Pritt Road), an oasis of peace and calm in the bustling city of Nairobi and a great place to meet business and leisure travelers from all around the world.

Photography; @kuyohphotography

Mood (song); Amerie- 1 thing


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