Run your own race: Pave your own path. No one, absolutely no one is chasing you

I was once a victim; a victim of comparison, something that almost robbed me of my goals and path in my career. Sounds familiar? One evening, more than a decade ago, out with some old friends of mine, we were having the time of our lives; music blaring, drinks flowing, Yorkshire accents renting the air, joint jumping, the perfect ambience notwithstanding. Everything was going on well, or so I thought. Little did I know it was going to be short-lived. One of my friends suggested something that sent me into utter frenzy; that we put our business cards on the table! To say that I did not freeze for a couple of minutes would be a lie. It was synonymous to the awkward moment when you are asked how much you have in your bank account, in this economy especially.

The sight of those fancy business cards almost made me rethink my professional career, at that time. Everyone had this director/ manager title beside their name and yet here I was, with nothing close to that. Instead of focusing on my own professional journey at that time, my mind constantly worried about a title here and there. I remember one of my mentors jokingly saying, “You do realize these titles don’t mean they have shareholding, right?”

Ever gone for a morning or evening walk or run? You come across many other people either walking or running too. Each one of them, internally has a reason to be on the road and doing so, at their own pace. Each time you are tempted to compare yourself to others, it is important to remember that we, distinctively, are running our own races – alone.  The race you are running is incredibly different from those around you.

Avoid being a victim of circumstances; define growth and success under your own terms. It won’t come overnight, and, in most cases, you will realize it’s in fact a never-ending cycle. As cliché as it may sound, once you stop reaching for success, you stop being successful. Take one step at a time and internally acknowledge that you are on a journey, your own individual path. You won’t have the same experience as any other person, and you’ll do things in your own time. After all, what is diversity?

Today, when I look back, I am content with my path and happy at it. It may not make sense to someone out there, and that’s OK. I am running my own race. Thank you CBA, bank for interesting people, for holding my hand, encouraging me and supporting my journey. 

Wearing; Navy Blue Checkered window pane made to measure two button 3 notch lapel (tennis collar) double Vents (back) Suit, a Hawes & Curtis Men’s Blue & White Stripe Slim Fit Shirt and a navy-blue window pane stunning diamond patterned waistcoat and matching diamond encrusted cravat. A Claude Bernard watch, an ivory Boutonniere on the lapel and Kobicha Chestnut colored Steve Madden Double Monk Straps finish off the look (All models wardrobe).

Location; Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi. Enjoy the ultimate family stay at Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi with a host of special touches just for you and your loved ones.

Photography; @kuyohphotography

Mood (song); Toni Braxton- As long as I live


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