Unparalleled beauty: Views from Hemingways Nairobi, a resplendent, gorgeous luxury urban hotel

Have you ever entered the scene of a postcard where you are literally met with this jaw-dropping grandeur surrounding you? Well, tucked away in one of Nairobi’s most affluent neighborhoods, is Hemingways Nairobi, a luxury five star boutique hotel in Karen that prides itself in providing exceptional guest experiences and service, ensuring the utmost comfort and luxury.

I guarantee you, the intense physical beauty of the surroundings and the incredible wonder of every day will, without a shadow of a doubt, seal itself into your storeroom of memory when you step into Hemingways Nairobi.

From the iconic silhouette of the Ngong Hills when you walk in, to the sight and sounds of the water flowing from the large fountain feature against the backdrop of the beautiful adorned landscaped lawns and to the gleaming view of the pastel green and white exterior as you make your way to the grand lobby, you get a good feeling that you are about to experience luxury at its finest. Just the views alone at this point will stun you into an appreciative silence.

There are 45 high-ceilinged suites, two of which are penthouse style Presidential Suites and 43 Junior Suites culminating in vaulted beams. The signature suites have views that embody an expressly residential style that is equally warm and refined.

The suites are spacious, lofty, expansive rooms with a large private terrace overlooking the beautiful well-manicured gardens, carefully crafted with a melody of space and light in mind, giving it the intimate feel of a private urban residence. Each of our Suites is named after a famous person or place associated with Kenya, travel, writing and exploring – will you be staying in the Robert Redford Suite, the Kenyatta Suite or the Mara Suite?

We live in a continent forever blessed with amazing weather and that can only mean, you simply cannot say no to a pool. If you’re looking for the ideal place to take a selfie that’ll make everyone on Instagram jealous, this is it. The views are so breathtaking. Soak up the view and let your troubles float away. Water does the body good and nothing beats the summer heat like a quick dip in this picturesque, refreshing pool.

While each and every sunrise literally marks the beginning of a new day, it also reminds us that we, too, can start fresh with a good attitude, positivity, and gratitude and as someone said, “If you are in a beautiful place where you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset, then you are living like a lord.” With panoramic views of Ngong Hills, Hemingways Nairobi is actually one of the best sunrise and sunset spots.  Whether you’re an early riser, or more a fan of sundowners, there is a perfect sun-gazing vantage point for you here.

One thing about this hotel is that no matter what time of the day it is, you will always capture breathtaking views. No need to wonder where to find the most extraordinary view, as every space offers something incredibly marvelous to admire. Next time don’t just hear and read about it, go ahead and book and stay at The Hemingways Nairobi, a place of exceptional guest experiences and service, ensuring the utmost comfort and luxury, practically perfected the art de vivre.


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