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With more than 17 years of unwavering dedication to the media industry, I've passionately honed my expertise as a communication professional. My journey in this dynamic world has seen me master various facets, from curating captivating radio programming to spearheading the development and meticulous management of strategic media content. My focus has always been on amplifying business presence, nurturing brand identity, and strategically positioning high-end products.

What truly sets me apart is my unique talent for crafting and elevating personal brands in the digital arena. My journey has not only been about advising others but also actively participating in the creation of a Lifestyle Brand for renowned brands and communication campaigns.

This hands-on experience underscores my prowess in harnessing the vast opportunities of the digital landscape to cultivate and champion compelling personal brands.


My expertise extends deep in the realms of media and magazine industry, allowing me to adeptly construct and guide online brands towards strategic business objectives and profitability. Furthermore, I possess the remarkable ability to establish connections with top-tier C-Suite executives and industry luminaries, while also generating innovative concepts for traditional media, online and magazine features which in this age has morphed into digital branding.

I excel in writing and editing, possess strong organizational and time management skills, can seamlessly manage multiple tasks, and have a talent for building relationships with other content creators.

Staying perpetually attuned to the ever-evolving trends in magazine design and layout, I collaborate harmoniously with fellow team members, showcasing excellent communication and interpersonal prowess. Moreover, my proficiency in advertising, marketing, and communication strategies equips me to excel under tight deadlines, managing multiple projects concurrently, all while maintaining a keen understanding of copyright laws and regulations.

Mantra- "Don't make yourself small so others feel more comfortable. Don’t let anyone dim your light. Simply do you, be yourself and shine in your glow..."